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There is currently no provision for remote learning approved by the State of Texas, and attendance requirements are mandatory. A make-up attendance plan is currently in development and will be added to the website once finalized. 

CC-Montessori will continue to clean and sanitize the school grounds and materials. We will continue to encourage students to wash hands and sanitize often to prevent the spread of illness inducing germs. All classrooms continue to possess air filtration machines that clean and recycle the air every 15 minutes. We will continue to encourage all staff, students, and any guests, to wear masks while indoors on campus when social distancing is not feasible.  

Click the COVID-19 Tracker to see any reported cases on our campus. 

Cases will be communicated via letter directly to the employees and parents. When  we are notified of test-confirmed cases, numbers will be posted on this website. Although the district discloses case information to the local health district, we must maintain confidentiality for the individual who tests positive.

This chart includes all test-confirmed positive COVID-19 results that have been reported to the district.  This information includes all reported cases beginning with the start of instruction on August 12, 2021. Status changes will occur as needed when attendance counts and illness investigations have been completed and reported each Monday. Click the picture to be taken to our data sheet. 

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Health & Wellness

It's no secret that the times have been trying. 

Things have been rough and while it's getting better for some, other are still struggling. It can be a natural instinct to become isolated when things are tough; so, give yourself acknowledgments for exploring all the options available to you. Below, you will find links to resources our local and statewide community has to offer. Please let the school know if you need help in locating a service for your family or your child. We can help you pinpoint services if the vast amount of information and resources available seems overwhelming. 


If you believe a child, teen, young adult, or adult is in immediate danger of taking suicidal action, call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

If you can talk, Text HOME to 741741 to reach a volunteer Crisis Counselor.

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