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Dear Friends,

Corpus Christi Montessori School (CC-Montessori) is a small but growing Public Charter School located in Corpus Christi.  We are committed to the future of our students and work diligently to prepare them to become productive and responsible members of society. The Montessori philosophy and curriculum, shared by teachers of the highest caliber, helps students grow and learn to excel both in and out of the classroom. Unlike a traditional a public school, charter schools do not receive any federal or local funding. Additionally, charter schools are not eligible to receive any funds for facilities.  The burden lies with the school to raise money to provide adequate facilities for the children.  Due to the pandemic, our celebrated Raffle and Crawfish Boil was cancelled for 2020 and 2021. Community support is more important than ever.  We sincerely hope that you and/or your company will consider supporting CC-Montessori to raise money for the many needs of our students and community.

We sincerely hope that we can count on your support as a Sponsor/Contributor for the 14th Annual MAST Raffle & Crawfish Boil Fundraiser to be held May 13th, 2023, at Brewster Street Icehouse (Downtown). Bring your Raffle ticket to claim your complimentary crawfish while supplies last! 


We Love Our Sponsors!
Taking sponsors until the event!



Still seeking Tail Pinchers!
(2 – Raffle Tickets/Crawfish Meal, Social Media/Website advertisement.)

Tail Pinchers.JPG


Still seeking Mudbugs!
(4 – Raffle Tickets/Crawfish Meal, Social Media/Website advertisement.)



Still seeking Cray-Crays!
(8 – Raffle Tickets/Crawfish Meal, Social Media advertisement. Logo on Event Sponsor Sign)

GandSMarine Logo.PNG
Triple H Logo.png


Still seeking Crawdaddys!
(15 – Raffle Tickets/Crawfish Meal, Social Media/Website advertisement, Logo on Event Sponsor Sign, VIP Seating)

Crawdaddy Sponsor.jpg
CB50MARINE (2).png
AT LLC Logos-02.jpg
Boiling Over Sponsor.JPG

Still seeking Boiling Overs!
(20 – Raffle Tickets/Crawfish Meal, Social Media/Website advertisement, Logo on Event Sponsor Sign, VIP Seating)

$5,000.00 +

CB 01.jpg
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