Covid-19 Updates For CC-Montessori

Dear CC-Montessori Community,

Please be advised that TEA has updated its Public Health Guidance after Governor Greg Abbott's removal of the state-wide mask order.

TEA guidelines specifically state that "every student, teacher and staff member shall wear a mask...". At this time CC-Montessori will continue to operate with all of our current COVID-19 safety protocols. If you have any questions, please contact administration.


Cerise Weeks


Back to School Plan

Click the button below to see our back to school phase in plan. 

Click the COVID-19 Tracker to see any reported cases on our campus. 

Cases will be communicated via letter directly to the employees and parents at each campus. When CCISD is notified of test-confirmed cases, numbers will be posted on this website. Although the district discloses case information to the local health district, we must maintain confidentiality for the individual who tests positive.

This chart includes all test-confirmed positive COVID-19 results that have been reported to the district.  These numbers include students who have chosen face-to-face instruction and those that are learning from home.  This information includes all reported cases beginning with the start of face-to-face instruction on September 8, 2020. Updates will be posted as information is provided to the district.  These are cumulative totals.

Health & Wellness

It's no secret that 2020 hasn't been a flagship year for many.


We haven't had a pandemic comparable to this since the 1970s and times have changed. " Largely, responses to previous pandemics relied on hygiene and sanitation measures such as handwashing, but not on lockdowns, physical distancing or other measures that disrupt economies." (link)  It's no surprise that many of us, children and adults, may need some extra tools and resources to cope with the blow back from this event, most likely for years to come.  This is a time when communities can come together or become isolated; so, give yourself acknowledgments for exploring all the options available to you. Below, you will find links to resources our local and statewide community has to offer. Please let the school know if you need help in locating a service for your family or your child. We can help you pinpoint services if the vast amount of information and resources available seems overwhelming. 


If you believe a child, teen, or young adult is in immediate danger of taking suicidal action, call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

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Cosmic Kids Yoga

Ages 3+


Yoga With Adriene

10+ Ages